MARCH was approached about creating a set of images depicting the business complex of the future. The intent was to create a design that speaks to Intel’s brand while putting the spotlight on smart (Intel integrated) architecture.

The following is a breakdown that reaches deep into all the aspects involved in creating the final product. The case study explores ideas of program, early massing, formal explorations at the macro end; all the way down to industrial design, interface design and character integration.

29_MARCH_Intel_Billboard_01Billboard Representation

▲ Above is a proof of concept image showing one of the final images as a billboard advertisement.

01_MARCH_Intel_CaseStudyHeroVirtual Vault Composition

02_MARCH_Intel_ExteriorWinterWinter Exterior

▲ Creating the landscape in 3d allowed for a tailor-made site/context that felt integral to the building design and the freedom to compose the topography with the same care given the the build.

03_MARCH_Intel_BuildingMassingBuilding Massing

04_MARCH_Intel_BuildingMassing_SectionDiagram/Building Section

▲ The program for the marketing campaign called for 3 specific spaces; the vault, atrium, and data center. The relationship of these spaces to each other and larger form was essential when developing the massing of the building.

05_MARCH_Intel_AtriumUpAtrium Final

▲ The Atrium uses the building circulation to produce heroic moments through architectural form, cameras and lighting. The space becomes the way-point in the project, giving the viewer formal cues that tie all three spaces together.

06_MARCH_Intel_InteriorMassingAtrium Bridge Development/Final

07_MARCH_Intel_AtriumDevelopmentEntry Development/Final

08_MARCH_Intel_VirtualVault_FinalVirtual Vault Final

▲ Resting below grade is the negative impression of the atrium, etching the form of the building above as solid relief in concrete. A massive volume occupied by a seemingly endless array of virtual servers. Represented is the potential of cloud computing and the ability to command enormous computational power with great ease.

09_MARCH_Intel_VirtualVault_DevelopmentVirtual Vault Development

▲ Imprinted in the walls is and abstracted graphic of an Intel chip die cast. The walls evoke a sense of memory from the atrium above,  intelligence through the imprinted chip pattern, and a sense of security through the uninterrupted mass and materiality of the walls.

10_MARCH_Intel_VirtualVault_Concept_64Virtual Vault Concept

12_MARCH_Intel_ServerRoomData Center Final

▲ Contrasting the massive concrete forms are a series of intelligent surfaces which support two bays of servers. A media wall hermetically seals of the server room while providing live feedback on their health and status. The panels directly above and below the suspended servers open and close circulating and cooling the air passing through each server.

13_MARCH_Intel_ServerCenter_Dev_Concept_01Data Center Concept

▲ Depicted above is an early diagram showing the data center and the variable airflow through a series of vents/gills.

14_MARCH_Intel_GillDesign_64Server Room Gill Design

newserverdiagram3Server Design Concept

▲ Blade, case, and interface concept design.

15_MARCH_Intel_ServerRoom_DevelopmentServer Room Development

16_MARCH_Intel_ServerRoom_Final&TalentServer Room Final 02/Talent Shoot

▲ The characters were posed, lit, and photographed for integration into a specific scene. The scenes were pre-visualized taking into consideration any possible reflections of the character that may be captured in the digital set.

17_MARCH_Intel_Casting_02Talent Shoot

▲ The intent of the final images was to create a set of images for use in different global markets.

18_MARCH_Intel_Photoshoot_CamDimensionsPhotoshoot Dimensions


20_MARCH_Intel_ServersServer Blade Development/Server Final

▲ The server blade design carries hallmarks of the building form, repeating central visual elements. The core of each blade is an exposed copper heat sink that allows heat to escape as it’s funneled through the center of the server case.

22_MARCH_Intel_ServerInterfaceServer Interface

▲ The interface for each server is projected on the exterior of the glass case allowing for direct access to individual blades.

23_MARCH_Intel_Intel_FinalScreenTechnical Director’s Office Final

▲ A vista to the city beyond sets the stage for a discussion on remote content management.

24_MARCH_Intel_ScreenGraphicsDesk Screen 01/Desk Screen 02

25_MARCH_Intel_ForcefieldDesignMedia Wall Final/Media Wall Die Detail/Intel Die Pattern

▲ The Intel die pattern was used to denote activation (Intel inside) of feature elements in each shot.

26_MARCH_Intel_ForceFieldMedia Wall Variations

27_MARCH_Intel_ParticlesOrb Final/Orb Build-up

28_MARCH_Intel_Banners_01Internet Banner Examples

▲ A series of test compositions setup to show the content as internet banner advertisements. The final content was created for a global marketing campaign intended for web, print, and billboard advertising. All images were produces at 12000 px wide for use at any scale desired.